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The documentation contained in these files will enable you to find all the inside sources for successfully operating in Iraq. Why should Halliburton, KBR, and others get all the jobs there? Grab your own share of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, by acting now you will get absolutely FREE, a report detailing how a guy got a job making $4000/week as a contract worker.

The following information is obtained at a cost to us from various sources. Accordingly, we have to pass these costs on. You can obtain all the reports listed for one low price of $27 USD. All reports are in the Adobe PDF format and are in a ZIP file. You will need to know how to unzip a file and use a PDF reader.

Iraq Investment & Reconstruction Task Force

  1. Business Guide for Iraq
  2. How to Register a Foreign Company in Iraq
  3. Iraq Reconstruction Frequently Asked Questions
  4. Overview of Commercial Law In Pre-War Iraq
  5. Traveling to Iraq - Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Iraq Weekly Status Report 1/14/2009
  7. U.S.-Iraq Business Dialogue: Report and Policy Recommendations
  8. Primer on Exporting Goods to Iraq
  9. Iraq Reconstruction Report
  10. Iraq Quick Start Contracting Guide 2007 (Version 1)
  11. FRAUD WARNING RE: Iraqi Procurement
  12. Doing Business in Iraq: 2009 Country Commercial Guide for U.S. Companies

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