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From the January 1997 issue of “Contracting Business”, page 64. 1997 Commercial Contractor of the Year - Mechanical Services of Orlando, Inc. in an article entitled, “From the Boiler room to the Boardroom”.

“The Web page provided its worth last year when it led to an $800,000.00 contract with a customer who’d learned about the company by viewing its Web page.”

 Pyramid Tile Co. of San Francisco - Did a custom entry and seven baths for the owner of the Seal Rock Inn because the owner saw examples of his work on the Web!

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What Others Have Said About Us

An email to one of our clients:“Dor Lung Company (Ltd.) of Hong Kong, one of the largest fruit importers in Hong Kong and southern China, is interested in building a cold storage facility to store fruit. I, (name withheld), VP of Special Projects, have been assigned by my boss, (name withheld), the task of finding the expertise and equipment necessary to develop the project. ......I am currently on extended assignment in rural Thailand ....., so the only good means of research available to me is the Internet. J. Hogan was at the top of the search results..... From your web site it appears you have the expertise in fruit cold storage..... Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Our firm is very interested in working with you on the cold storage facility for fruit.

From our feedback form:Comments:  I'm with a structural engineering firm located in northeastern pa.  I found your site extremely helpful and detailed and have bookmarked it for future use.  I'm hoping you could help me find a code of ethics or standard of care document for contractors.  Please advise.  Thank you for your  help.

Comments:  Excellent site by 95% with standard I use. (Name Withheld) at Clinton Community College has asked me to take a look at your site and the possibilities of our hosting your site from within the CCC sites, pages or other college connected mediums.

A GC From Lemoyne, PA ... I like the growth of this site. . .user friendly - professional too. Newsletter is relevant!

From Miami, FL ... Our (construction consulting) company has a link to your excellent web site. This link displays your web site logo (when available) and a brief description of your company. Please review and let us know of any changes that might be needed.
Thank you!

From Mid/America Contracting, Inc... Thank you very much for letting us post a free job advertisement on your website. We have since filled our position, so we do not need to renew the ad. We have bookmarked your site and will continue to utilize all of its valuable content in the future.

B.L from Utah ... I am a union carpenter for 30+ years and I am now interested in becoming a General Contractor in the state of Utah. I have been searching the net for hours and your site is the most informative thus far. Thanks